The male grooming products sector is an exciting, fast-growing market with products becoming increasingly focused, offering specific solutions to problem areas.

At Swallowfield, we have a long history of being shaving cream manufacturers, shaving gel and foam manufacturers, aftershave manufacturers and balm manufacturers. Thanks to our ongoing market trend analysis, our capabilities also include recent innovations and trends such as beard oil, salt sprays and hair fibres. Working closely with fragrance houses, we are at the forefront of male fragrance trends and can assist our customers with fragrance selection.

As experts in aerosol manufacturing, we are able to offer men’s shaving gels, hair care and body spray in aerosol format. We are also experienced in tube, hot pour and jar product formats.

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What is the difference between aftershave and eau de toilette?

Aftershave contains less fragrance oil than eau de toilette. Many aftershaves contain soothing and cooling ingredients to help calm the skin after shaving.


What are the current market trends in male grooming products?

From bold to subtle, male make-up is growing in popularity thanks to recent blogger activity. Bright eyes and lips will be favoured by a small committed group, whereas a more understated and natural look is only set to gain acceptance among men.


What is aftershave lotion?

An aftershave lotion is a moisturising viscous product designed to sooth and condition the skin after shaving.