Hot pour manufacturing is the method of heating a cosmetic formulation so it disperses evenly in a container and solidifies when it is cooled. Many cosmetic formulations require a solid or semi-solid format to allow the consumer to apply the product easily (such as lipsticks) or to create the effect needed for best styling (rigid and flexible hair waxes). These formats require specialist equipment that can control the temperature at which products are made and filled to optimise manufacturing speed and quality, whilst retaining the key benefits of the solid format for the consumer.

Products we fill include:

  • Lipstick manufacture
  • Body and lip balm manufacture
  • Body and lip butter manufacture
  • Moulded pencil manufacture

Want to learn more?

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How are hot pour products manufactured?

Hot pour products require a delicate balance of control on both heating of the formulation and the cooling of the filled pack. If it is filled too hot it can damage the delicate actives and appearance. Cooled too quickly and the product can shrink or crack. Swallowfield have the expertise and equipment to manufacture hot pour products successfully.