As hair care manufacturers we specialise in fashion and every day haircare. We are a manufacturer of hair products for some of the biggest global players including celebrity-endorsed brands and star hairdressers to formulate and develop award-winning products.

We’re passionately committed to achieving success for our customers, trialing our products with stylists in salons and on models to refine the formulations and ensure they achieve optimal results.

Our experienced and talented teams closely monitor changing trends and colour predictions to develop the products of tomorrow and give our customers the edge. For example, we’ve identified the emerging trend of merging skincare into haircare and incorporated it into our recent haircare new product development.

From everyday shampoos and styling products to innovations like mattifying powders, definition creams and hair-colour powders, our extensive range encompasses every aspect of the haircare market.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about hair product manufacturing please contact us on +44 (0)1823 662241 or email


What types of hair products can Swallowfield manufacture?

We have capabilities to manufacture shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, styling sprays, mattifying powder, colour powders, styling gels, dry shampoo, styling mousses, hair wax, hair putty, root concealers, salt spray, straightening serum, curling creams and more. We continuously work on hair product innovation, please contact us for our latest trend NPD.


What are the current market trends in the haircare category?

The current market trends in the haircare category include temporary root concealers, volume and body creating products, bold colour and wet look styling.