To meet the growing and increasingly sophisticated market demand, Swallowfield has further invested in research and development, manufacture and production of scrubs and high viscosity products, such as shower gel, body cream, body butter and body oil.

Our recognised technical expertise in this area marks Swallowfield as a leading shower gel manufacturer, body lotion manufacturer and body scrub manufacturer. This enables us to formulate and fill a wide range of highly viscous and complex products traditionally known to be more difficult for cosmetic manufacturers.

Our detailed trend analysis and forecasting helps us to identify the latest textures, fragrances and raw materials in the bath and body sector.

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What is body scrub?

Body scrubs include a combinations of salts, sugars, seeds, or shells, or other particles to achieve the desired level of exfoliating and cleansing performance on the skin. Scrub types include:

  • Thickened oil systems
  • Wax technologies
  • Gel based scrubs
  • Emulsion based scrubs
  • Natural scrub particles


What is body butter?

Body butters and lotions are products designed to nourish and moisturise the skin. They can be formulated to a wide range of viscosities, from light easily absorbed lotions to rich, intensive textures. Viscous products include:

  • body butter
  • shave butter
  • intensive, thick cream
  • body oil
  • body cream
  • hand cream


What is shower gel?

A shower gel is a product which contains a blend of mild detergents to clean the body. They can include different fragrances, textures and oils to achieve your desired effect; be it luxurious foam, nourishing skin feel, fragrance delivery or just an efficient gentle cleansing action.


What are the current market trends in bath & body care category?

Some of the latest trends in the bath and body care market include spa at home, inspired by skincare, multi-purpose products, sensory textures, products with added benefits and time saving products.