Antiperspirants and deodorants remain one of the biggest personal care markets in the world. Customers are seeking versatile and high performance deodorants to suit a variety of needs, from basic fragrancing to achieving specific beauty benefits.

Swallowfield have been in the business of aerosol deodorant manufacturing, body spray manufacturing and antiperspirant manufacturing for over 50 years. We also have expertise and capabilities in roll-on manufacturing and stick manufacturing and we can assist with deodorants gels, creams and other unique concepts.

Fragranced products are not just for underarms! These products are growing in popularity for use on most areas of the body, including hands, feet, face, back and intimate areas.

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What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorants and antiperspirants have different formulations. Deodorants kill bacteria and mask unpleasant smells with fragrance. Antiperspirants contain an ingredient or ingredients to absorb the moisture produced when sweating to increase comfort by giving dry feeling and prevent unsightly sweat marking on clothes. Antiperspirant deodorants combine both formulations to form an all-round product.


What are the current market trends in the antiperspirant deodorant category?

The antiperspirant deodorant category trends include anti-stain, long lasting protection, anti-bacterial, sensitive formulas, sport and additional benefits (hair minimising, anti-ageing etc).