Our manufacturing, filling and aerosol packaging capabilities include traditional system in tin-plate or aluminium cans to bi-compartmental systems such as bag on valve (BOV) and bag in can (BIC). We are equipped with 4 standard and 3 gel aerosol lines, including rotary high speed, indexing specialist, gel rotary high speed and gel indexing specialist. We can also assist with aerosol packaging and design.

Swallowfield are a member of The British Aerosol Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA) and are closely involved in committee representation and contribution.


Plastic Aerosol Manufacturing

In 2015 we introduced our innovative new plastic aerosol product in a post-foaming shower gel format. This world-first concept won Swallowfield and PZ Cussons (UK) Aerosol of the Year award with Foamburst™ in the BAMA 2015 awards.

Our plastic aerosol expertise includes technical elements and innovations such as: pressurisation precision, crimping technology, gassing techniques, formulation compatibility, shrink-sleeving onto heat sensitive PET and many more. We have passed extensive safety testing in line with proposed FEA (Federation of European Aerosols) standards and British Standard standards.

Want to know more?

To learn more about aerosol manufacturing please contact us on +44 (0)1823 662241 or email sales@swallowfield.com.


What are aerosols?

Any non-reusable container made of metal, glass or plastic and containing a gas compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure, with or without a liquid, paste or powder, and fitted with a release device allowing the contents to be ejected as solid or liquid particles in suspension in a gas, as a foam, paste or powder or in a liquid state. (Article 2 of The Aerosol Dispensers Directive 75/324/EEC).


What is a bi-compartmental system aerosol?

There are two formats of bi-compartmental system aerosols: bag on valve (BOV) and bag in can (BIC). This is where the product is filled into a hermetically sealed bag situated in the can and is separated from the propellant. This system is good for thick gels, products that have compatibility issues with propellant gasses, sensitive or low preservative products and to give true 360 degree sprays.


What are the advantages of aerosols?

  • Popular and well understood by consumers
  • Easy to operate
  • Controlled delivery
  • Stop contamination into product
  • Hygienic
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Can be recycled
  • Unique spray patterns


What applications can be placed into an aerosol?

We produce a full range of aerosols for cosmetics, toiletries and other household applications such as:

  • Anti-perspirants/deodorants
  • Shave gels and foam
  • Post-foaming gel, for shave and shower
  • Hair styling including root concealers
  • Tanning and bronzing
  • Depilatories
  • Skincare
  • Light household
  • Medical Devices and other ‘specialist’ aerosols


What are the benefits of a plastic aerosol?

The new packaging offers consumers a number of benefits, too, including the fact that plastic is warmer and softer to touch, as well as being lighter to handle and less likely to cause damage if accidentally dropped. Plastic is also corrosion resistant in a bathroom environment, making it safer and cleaner to store.