Swallowfield Circular
Posted 15th March 2019. PDF. 72 Kb.


Swallowfield plc was admitted to the official list in 1991 and transferred to AIM in 2006.

Our core business is to formulate and produce quality products for many of the world’s leading personal care and beauty brands. We also leverage our skilled resources to develop and market a growing portfolio of Swallowfield owned and managed brands. Following the appointment of Chris How as Chief Executive and Brendan Hynes as Chairman, in 2014 we launched our ‘Building a Better Swallowfield’ strategy aimed at creating a stronger, more competitive and resilient business that would exceed historical profit norms and shareholder returns. Thus far, execution of this strategy has delivered improved profitability, earnings per share, the reinstatement of dividends and share price growth.

For more details see our Business Strategy section.