Swallowfield develops new textures in Haircare

Swallowfield plc, who specialise in the development and manufacture of personal care and beauty products, have formulated a pioneering powder to wax product for their haircare customers, believed to be one of the first.

Hair powders have recently been transforming the haircare marketplace, they benefit the hair by adding volume and body to the roots, leaving a matt texture and a thicker feeling. Swallowfield have been manufacturing hair powders for over 5 years, this powder to wax formulation is an exciting new concept to take haircare to the next level. The lightweight powder, suitable for both men and women, transforms into a creamy wax to give root lift and matte texture. The product appears to be lighter than normal wax and drier in texture giving a novel sensory format, aimed to excite existing and new customers.

Swallowfield, who recently announced record levels of sales, have made large investments into Mattifying Hair Powders (MHP) with custom built automated lines and streamlined production processes. Multiple component options are available for these clever powders including shaker style bottles and more technical powder spray components.

Jane Fletcher, Group Sales and Marketing Director commented “We invest heavily in new product development and are so excited with products that break new ground and create a unique user experience. We are excited to share these hair powders and open up new opportunities for our clients”.

About Swallowfield

Swallowfield have a world leading reputation in the development and manufacture of personal care and beauty products, including a growing portfolio of owned brands.

Swallowfield have also established a strong reputation across prestige and mass brand owners for capability in aerosols, haircare, hot pour and wood cased pencils, amongst many others.

Since launching the first consumer aerosol over 60 years ago, they have built a reputation as an industry leader in aerosol products. Bag on Valve, Bag in Can, haircare, body care, shaving, medical devices.

Beyond aerosols, since 2014, Swallowfield has been developing a portfolio of its owned brands, including the acquisition of The Real Shaving Co. in 2015 and The Brand Architekts in 2016.