Swallowfield’s Technical Manager Adrian McCretton has been awarded The British Aerosols and Manufacturing Association (BAMA) Special Recognition Award for outstanding contribution to the Aerosol Industry. Adrian has been with Swallowfield for 20 years and is delighted with the win.

BAMA Awards, 2016

Patrick Heskins, Chief Executive of BAMA, said:  “Having been in the industry for a few years myself I have known Adrian for quite some time.  I’ve always admired his controlled and logical approach to anything that is thrown at him having worked on some very challenging development projects together.  Rarely phased or flustered he brings an air of calm to any projects he works on and has a depth of knowledge of aerosol technology and filling few can match.

“I always looked forward to working with him during my time as a supplier and when I was a customer of Swallowfield.  He brings the same qualities to BAMA meetings as he did when I worked with him in the laboratory and at the business end of an aerosol filling line.”

Swallowfield has further cause for celebration having also been named Somerset manufacturer of the Year by the Somerset Chamber in the Somerset Business Awards.   The company was singled out for its passion for continued business improvement.

Chris How, CEO said: “Being recognised by both the industry and our home county in such a short space of time is very special.   We are very proud of our local roots, having been part of the community for more than 130 years and employing over 450 people in the UK.  We’re also delighted for Adrian: to be recognised by your peers in the industry is a tremendous honour.”