Double win for Swallowfield at the 2017 BAMA awards

Shower Burst SanctuarySwallowfield have picked up two of the most prestigious awards at The British Aerosols and Manufacturing Association (BAMA) 2017 Awards Ceremony, winning both ‘Aerosol of the Year’ in conjunction with PZ Cussons and the ‘Process Training & Safety Award. Industry recognition for Swallowfield who continue to be at the forefront of innovation, technology and best practice in the production of beauty and personal care aerosol products.

The ‘Aerosol of the Year 2017’ was awarded to Sanctuary Spa’s 3 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Burst ; a bag on valve aerosol format which delivers a sumptuous burst of creamy cleansing for a truly decadent shower experience and keeps skin moisturised for up to 3 days. The product offers a gorgeously rich texture, combined with long-lasting fragrance technology in an eye catching aerosol pack format. This innovation has already proven to be hugely popular among existing brand users, as well as helping to recruit new customers to the Sanctuary brand, evident in the fact the product is now in one of Sanctuary’s Top 4 volume skus.

The second win by Swallowfield was the ‘Process Training and Safety Award’. Swallowfield have invested in a new corporate safety strategy designed to engage, educate and encourage employees when identifying and reporting potential hazards in the workplace. Hazard spotting workshops, implemented over the last 6 months, have contributed to the ongoing improvements and supported greater safety awareness. This has led to a 2050% increase in Hazard reporting. 100 employees also obtained IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) working safely certification.

Chris How, Chief Executive, commented: “We are thrilled to receive both these awards, it is recognition for everyone’s hard work and efforts. Innovation and safety are core parts of our business and to be recognised at this level by the industry is a fantastic achievement.”

About Swallowfield:

Swallowfield have a world leading reputation in the development and manufacture of personal care and beauty products, including a growing portfolio of owned brands. Since launching our first consumer aerosol over 60 years ago, we have built a reputation as an industry leader in aerosol products. Bag on Valve, Bag in Can, haircare, body care, shaving, medical devices, you name it – if it can be aerosolised there’s no-one better to work with. Beyond aerosols they have also established a strong reputation across prestige and mass brand owners for our capability in hot pour products (lip, underarm, hair styling etc), roll-ons, cosmetic pencils, tube filing, fragrance blending and filling, gifting, pressed powders and many more. Since 2014 Swallowfield has been developing a portfolio of its owned brands, including the acquisition of The Real Shaving Co. in 2015 and The Brand Architekts in 2016.