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Swallowfield cosmetic pencils

Pencils are very practical and easy to apply, so it’s no surprise that many brands are launching new products in a pencil format.
As formulation technology develops, we are seeing a wide range of new textures and long lasting products being launched, as well as multi-functional pencils which offer various product types in one or the opportunity to create multiple looks. The trend for multiple shades and double ended pencils with different combinations of product has seen an increase in what pencils can be used for.
Swallowfield are the only cosmetic pencil manufacturer in the UK. We offer a wide range of pencil options for a variety of budgets and tailor our service to every customer.
We have a wide range of pencil formulations as well as textures to meet the needs of various brands, retailers and consumers. Keeping an eye on future trends is really important to ensure we are one step ahead in our formulation development whilst offering a competitive product and high levels of service.

The latest cosmetic pencil trends

As always, there is a colour trend to suit everyone in AW17 with a move into cooler icy shades as well as warm spices from the East. Textures range from cool powdery soft eyeshades to shimmering metallics. Lips go from statement glossy lacquers through to softly smudged matt tints. On the go beauty continues to thrive with products which can be popped in the hand bag for instant touch ups.

Swallowfield pencil manufacturing

Cosmetic pencil manufacturing

When formulating cosmetic pencils the texture drives whether the formulation will be extruded or moulded. Moulding is the process where the formula is poured into moulds to create the lead shape. This method gives flexibility over the softness of the formula, and the lead shape can be customised. Extrusion is the process where the formula is extruded through a narrow diameter die to create a lead shape and then cut to length. The resulted lead gives a defined line combined with a smooth application.
Next, our development team consider the performance aspects and colour requirements of the pencil. For example, does the formula need to be long lasting, does the texture need to be able to be formulated in both pigment and pearl options, does the customer have any key ingredients that require inclusion etc.
All products developed follow a testing regime, which includes stability testing, sharpenability, performance trials and compatibility with pack.

Our cosmetic pencil service

Our service extends from contract manufacturing to full service provision, such as market analysis, creative and design, research and development, sourcing, stock management and distribution. We work with our customers to produce pencils to your budget and timescale. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience and have the know-how to run effective, efficient projects that are built on an in-depth understanding of the project’s needs. We hold a library of pencil formulations, which highlights what we consider to be the best pencil formulations available in eye, lip & face which deliver high performance & colour pay-off, to suit every brand & consumer need.

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