CASE STUDY: Bagsy Wonder Wand

The Brand

Bagsy Beauty is a collection of wearable shades and formulations that will neatly fit inside your handbag. As well as key make-up essentials such as lip, eye and face products, Bagsy beauty also offer hair styling accessories, make-up brushes and hand cream – all the must-have items that you need in your handbag!

The Brief

To create a cosmetic pencil that combined a concealer and highlighter in one. The formulation had to be long-lasting, lightweight and the packaging had to beautiful to complement Bagsy’s premium and luxury brand direction. It also had to be suitable for on the go and be an appropriate size for Bagsy’s ‘ideal for handbags’ marketing message.

The Solution

Bagsy Wonder Wand cosmetic pencil

With a driven strategic focus, pencils are a leading product format for Swallowfield, in which the business continues to invest to ensure we have cutting edge formulations and packaging to meet the needs of our wide customer base.

Swallowfield developed a two-in-one creamy highlighting and concealing pencil, now known as the Bagsy Wonder Wand. Half of the wand masks blemishes and under-eye shadows with a concealing shade, while the other illuminates with subtle sheen. The split pencil formulation makes it the best tool for quick touch ups & highlighting.

The key technical requirement when formulating this product was to ensure both formulations were compatible with each other with regards to ingredients, stability and firmness, but also that the product usage when moulded was comparable. The formulating process needed to ensure the each formulation could be moulded and filled in the same way, e.g temperature, chilling to ensure the best quality product.

Swallowfield’s designers used a striking, celestial-themed packaging concept with a hidden quote “I was blessed with beauty… but sometimes it needs highlighting”. The result is a product which stands out on the shelf whilst keeping brand consistency with the other products in the range.


The product picked up a CEW Award for Best New Makeup Product for Face – Mass and has gone on to be a firm favourite amongst bloggers and customers.

“This is perfect for all kinds of concealing and highlighting, so, as I’ve said, it can save time in a makeup routine and space in your makeup bag!” Chloe’s Way

“The tip is large enough to make it easy to apply only the highlighter or concealer exactly where you want it without creating a mess. Its texture is super creamy and glides on the skin really smoothly too. Needless to say, it blends like a dream.” Beautiful with Brains

“I absolutely loved this product from the first swatch. It is one pencil which doubles up to be a highlighting and concealing crayon (how clever is that!).” Beauty Queen UK

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